Milnor PulseFlow® Technology

PulseFlow® Technology

The new Milnor PulseFlow® Technology system offers a major breakthrough in batch washing technology. This patent pending innovation retains all the proven features that have made the Milnor CBW® washer the market leader for over 30 years and improves upon that technology with increased productivity, reduced utilities, and more efficient use of chemical energy.

PulseFlow® Technology combines traditional "True Top Transfer" with a standing bath and counterflow to occur in every module except the last. For the greatest part of each cycle, "PulseFlow®" without counterflow, creates standing baths so that chemicals are allowed to do their job better without being diluted. Then for a very short portion of each cycle, high-velocity counterflow is initiated (PulseFlow®) thus providing the required dilution very quickly with less water compared to full-time counterflow. Dedicated rinse modules are not required, meaning more production from fewer modules.

PulseFlow Technology

- Lowest Water Consumption
- Enhanced Chemical Performance
- Lower Energy Usage
- Faster Washing