MilRail® Monorail Systems

As your laundry grows, Milnor grows with you.

Milnor’s new overhead MilRail® monorail systems allow you to increase production while reducing your cost per pound. Available as both a single loop and fully-automated soil and clean loading system, the MilRail design features anodized extruded aluminum rail for lightweight strength. Patent-pending chrome-plated stainless steel inserts reinforce stopping sections of the rail. I beams feature straight profiles that allow the bearings to roll at optimal angles, promoting long life.

Semi-automated single loop loading systems provide clear, ergonomic advantages compared to conveyors and balance storage with maximum work demands for high productivity.

Fully-automated loading systems offer a more advanced solution that incorporates soil-side, clean-side and press-to-bag.

Both systems allow for consistent transitions and help reduce labor costs.

Operators use the MilRail control to accurately track batches through the system, provide production reports, and offer troubleshooting suggestions.

MilRail control links into the MilVision™ data reporting system, which acquires information from many sources to provide the operator with an enterprise-wide window into the total laundry operation.

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