Washer Extractors


Milnor manufacturers the widest range of washer extractors to fit any application. Whether you need a 25 lb capacity washer or 700 lb washer, Milnor has the widest range of models to choose from.

We service all of the washer extractors we carry plus many more. Our parts department and Resident Field Service Technicians are located strategically throughout our territory which allows us to respond quickly to your needs. This ensures quality service so your commercial laundry equipment is always running smoothly.

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Milnor Washer Extractors


Large Washer Extractors

  • Large open-pocket washer
  • High wash quality from open-pocket cylinder
  • Tilt systems for loading/unloading

Extraction Systems

  • Single-stage or two-stage presses
  • Centrifugal extractors
  • Various installation arrangements

Barrier (Anti-Cross-Contamination) Washer Extractors

  • Pass-through, double-door design
  • Helps prevent cross contamination

Suspended Washer Extractors

  • Cylinder Type - Open Pocket
  • Capacity - 275 lbs.(125 kg)
  • Controller Type - Mark VI
  • Extraction G Force - High
  • Suspension - Suspended
PulseFlow Batch Washer

CBW® Batch Washers

  • Ideal for processing at least 800 lbs. per hour
  • Designed for automated operation
  • Flexible and easy-to-use controls